Here's what you will learn during this 5 day Certified Image Strategist™ training course:
Day 1 - Classroom Training
Here are the outcomes from this day.

• Understand the history of image consulting and the important role it plays in today’s society
• Gain exposure to the variety of services that a Certified Image Strategist can provide
• Learn the step-by-step signature ‘7 Step Image Makeover System’
• Determine and assist in developing a woman’s Personal Style based on your knowledge of the 4 Personal Styles
• Know the differences between a fad, a trend and a classic, and understand the role they play in individual client styles
• Discern the 4 body shapes and how best to style each one using the Image Strategist ‘re-proportioning technique’

At the end of Day 1 you will write an "open book" test.

Day 2 – Hands-On Training in Real Client's Home
Outcomes from this day:

• Review learning outcomes from Day 1 and become familiar with the appropriate templated forms for today’s session in the client’s home
• Observe a real image makeover beginning with a Style Assessment Review with the client, using the professional Image Strategist form
• Experience a hands-on Closet Cleaning by applying the learning from Day 1
• Using the Image Strategist Closet Cleaning System, learn how to assign a category to each piece of clothing
• Assist a client with the new placement and storage of her clothes after the Closet Cleaning
• Participate in conducting the Wardrobe Review to determine next steps in the process
• Learn how to take the best photos of your client’s wardrobe and package them for their use 
• Learn how to evaluate the length of time each process will take and allot the time accordingly
• Uncover a wealth of 'on the job' tips and trade secrets that your instructors have learned from their own experience and only share with their students
• Start your marketing portfolio by taking your own photos while working with the client
• You will gain confidence in how the Image Strategist process works

Day 3 – Hands-On Training in Retail Stores with the Client
Outcomes from this day:

• From Day 1 and Day 2, you will determine the steps needed for today’s shopping session with the client
• Understand the importance of, and the underlying psychology, of working collaboratively with your client and the retail store
• Meet at the retail location and determine the process for today’s shopping session with the client
• Do some ‘pre-shopping’ before the client arrives. Have a clear plan and focus so the client is completely relaxed during the session
• From the list you made in the client’s home on Day 2, you will have determined what she needs to shop for on this day
• The client will be trying on clothes that the group has selected and you will observe how they look and make the appropriate comments
• You will learn more about the ‘time and energy’ it takes to work with a client and where you may need to help them in the decision-making process
• You will gain confidence in how the Image Strategist process works

Day 4 – In Classroom – Business Start Up
Outcomes from this day:

• Learn about the importance of 'Market Research' and how to conduct it
• Decide which company structure suits you and your business at this time
• Learn the legal requirements of starting a business such as how to apply for your new business name; register your company name; apply for a GST number; obtain a business number; obtain a business license; determine the best type of insurance
• Understand how to create a formal Business Plan or an informal road map
• Gain knowledge of ‘branding’ and understand the importance of consistency with your brand; as a solopreneur you are your brand and the face of your business
• Learn the importance of determining your ‘ideal client’, your ‘target market’ and how to create messaging to reach your market
• Gain knowledge of the best marketing strategies, tools and tactics for your startup business. 
• Determine where best to invest your startup money and what marketing strategies to plan for in the future
• Gain clarity on the Signature Image Strategist services you can offer as well as some ‘value-added services’ you can use to promote your business

Day 5 – In Classroom – Image Strategist Cycle & Sales System
Outcomes from this day:

• Understand the psychology behind selling, pricing and the ‘value’ of your business
• Learn the significance of building long-term relationships with clients, strategic alliances and/or joint ventures
• Learn the importance of following the Image Strategist sales system from lead generation through to follow up
• Understand and be able to apply the step-by-step process of the Image Strategist sales cycle from prospecting to receiving payment
• Gain exposure to other image strategists and consultants pricing strategies
• Decide on your startup hourly rate and learn how to create package offerings to attract your ideal client
• Participate in scripted role plays that are easy to follow.

These have been created for you to gain confidence in selling your services to a variety of clients.

At the end of Day 5, you will write your final exam consisting of 6 Case Studies to be completed that day.

You will also be marking your ‘Open Book test’ given on Day 1.
*In order to earn your 'Certified Image Strategist™' designation, you will be required to have a 75% passing grade on the two written tests and demonstrate competence in following the signature "7 Step Image Makeover System"

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