1. Is this course a lot of money?
if you want to start a successful image consulting business, this is a small investment for what you will receive.
You can waste a lot of time and money gaining experience and learning what you need to know through trial and error, and earn very little money while you are learning.
This course gives you professional, proven systems to plug people into so you can begin charging your clients right away and quickly recoup your investment.

2. Can I learn enough in a week to start a successful business?
A recommended prerequisite of this course is that you have an interest in fashion and feel you have an eye for knowing what goes together.
Because of your interest in fashion, you will already have gained some knowledge about fashion, through trial and error and working with your own wardrobe over the years.
You may also have helped a few family members or friends with their clothes.

With your passion for fashion and the practical hands on tools and systems you will learn, you will be able to, 
and have the confidence needed, to help others. The simple business systems will enable you to set up your customized business immediately.


3.  Are there similar courses available?
There are many courses that teach theory and head knowledge about fashion. Many graduates from these courses have come to me over the years, frustrated they did not learn how to use their skills to build a profitable business. 

The Certified Image Strategist Training Program is unique in that it offers not only a "hands on"  fashion component but also a business component to learn the tools and practical systems needed to build a profitable image consulting business, solving people's wardrobe problems and changing lives.

The ongoing support, consisting of group and individual coaching sessions, to get your business up and running, ensures your success.

4.  Do I need a course when people tell me I have natural talent?
Without a professional process and systems to take people through, it will be difficult to get people to pay you professional fees.

These systems have been developed over 25 years, working with thousands of real life clients in their homes, and shopping with them in actual stores.

Being certified, adds credibility and professionalism to the services you offer, both in how confident you feel and how others perceive your expertise.

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